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He’s Back: Hawass as Minister of Antiquities

Yep, Hawass is now Minister of Antiquities again.

Apparently, Hawass has decided the situation of the antiquities is stable and secure enough for him to resume his duties.

The world is watching…again.


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Hawass’ Resignation

Hawass talks about his reasons for resigning on his blog.

Long explanation short–it just hurts too much too much to see that he can’t actually protect Egypt’s artifacts.

But he’ll come back if the police return to protect the sites.

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Hawass Resigns

According to the New York Times article of March 3, it seems that Zahi Hawass’ resignation may be official.

I’m reeling a bit…

Hawass really has done a lot for Egyptology.

He has helped oversee regulations regarding excavation and public tourism in Egypt in an effort to both promote tourism and keep the sites safe. He spearheaded the project to build a new museum to house Egypt’s artifacts and projects to help provide Egyptological training for native Egyptians. He has also been the head of the numerous individuals who who analyze, organize, and preserve the ancient artifacts in Egypt. Hawass made himself the face of Egyptian antiquities and promoted tourism in Egypt and awareness of ancient Egyptian artifacts throughout the world.

But he’s done more than that.

Hawass did everything he could to make himself THE name, and the ultimate authority, in popular Egyptology, to the detriment of the field as a whole. He has offended those who work for or with him by repeatedly taking credit for their discoveries. His tight-fisted hold on “Egypt’s heritage” led him to demand the repatriation of famous Egyptian artifacts throughout the world, on the basis that only Egypt should have the most rare or incredible objects. That desire for exclusive control has also helped contribute to the difficulty of non-Egyptian archaeologists obtaining work permits for excavation or study in Egypt, and to a lesser extent, the spread of misinformation to tourists (tours in Egypt must be lead by Egyptian tour guides, who, knowingly or unwittingly, pass on misinformation to the tourists). Hawass’ showboating has often made other professional Egyptologists cringe, and I don’t think most of us will be sad to see him go.

I am, however, worried about the timing and what this might do to the security of the antiquities…


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Hawass Says He Might Resign

According to a New York Times Arts Beat article, Dr. Hawass is so frustrated with the situation in Egypt and his inability to protect the monuments and artifacts (since the police are no longer actively protecting the sites) that he is considering resigning.

I’d love to see a transcript of this telephone interview–I can’t imagine Hawass saying (and meaning) he wants to resign.

What do you think?

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